APX aligns with FirstNet to deliver mobile-first technology to first responders

APX solution suite enables first responders to immediately create
digital emergency pre-plans and seamlessly share them through any mobile device and network

Ottawa, Canada—October 17, 2017—APX, North America’s leader in building and onsite data solutions, announced today that it has joined the ranks of many of the world’s largest companies to deliver mobile-first technology to first responders across the US by fully supporting the efforts of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet).

As the leading organization committed to transforming public-safety operations, FirstNet’s network is complemented by an array of public safety–driven solutions that provides additional value to first responders. This goal—to transform public-safety operations—has brought about APX’s Smart City building and onsite data solutions suite: CityScape, a platform built on the premise that all cities now require comprehensive, actionable data to manage the magnitude of scale represented by evolving technology.

APX’s SmartCapture mobile application now enables first responders to create fully digital, comprehensive emergency pre-plans, virtually eliminating the need for paper records. Additionally, the application reduces pre-plan creation time so exponentially that precious resources can be allocated to other tasks, while still meeting governmental mandates for pre-plan development. In fact, many cities using APX’s CityScape suite have indicated that the time required to create emergency pre-plans has, in many instances, dropped from days to less than an hour.

To further leverage this new mobile approach to data capture and dissemination, APX also offers SmartView as part of its CityScape suite, enabling the highly secure dissemination of plans and data to specific first responders by way of any device browser. In short, any pre-plan can be sent directly to a first responder to be viewed on any mobile-enabled device instantly, making it possible for them to plan, coordinate, and respond in real time—without the need for a paper-based records repository.

“Every day, we rely on our brave first responders to keep us safe,” commented Paul Martin, President and CEO of APX. “They are committed to what they do, and they need tools that will match that commitment and keep pace with evolving demands.

“Using out-of-date methods, it currently takes considerable time and effort to create an emergency pre-plan, but this can now be easily rectified. Using our platform, the ease and speed of pre-plan creation, combined with the ability to immediately and securely share plans and captured data, improves preparation and results in safer, faster, and smarter outcomes for everyone involved.

“I am personally dedicated to helping all first responders, and our company’s alignment with FirstNet’s goals is a tangible representation of that dedication and the commitment of everyone at APX.”

The CityScape suite has already been adopted by many of the largest cities across North America, from Austin, Texas to Vancouver, British Columbia. In so many cities, buildings databases grow exponentially every day. It is this fact that illustrates the growing need to streamline the capture and dissemination of data to create truly Smart City initiatives.

For more information regarding APX’s CityScape platform, or to book a comprehensive demonstration of the various CityScape applications, click here.