Attego announces release of revolutionary new ESG Impact Solutions Platform

Research Triangle Park, N.C. – October 3, 2017 – Attego, the global leader of ESG impact solutions, announced today the launch of its new industry-leading ESG management platform—one that encompasses elements critical to both strong financial returns and positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts across the value chain of corporate clients.

The platform leverages advanced technologies and cognitive computing to resolve complex sustainability challenges faced by organizations and their partners across multiple industries and sectors. Named for its inherent benefit for users, the INSIGHT platform consists of three distinct solutions that form an integrated process while also serving as stand-alone products: altumINSIGHT for Social and Web Monitoring Intelligence, sensusINSIGHT for Community Perception and Behavioral Measurement, and valoremINSIGHT for Community and Social Investment Optimization.

altumINSIGHT combines an advanced analytics and monitoring engine with highly skilled analysts to monitor social media data related to a given industry, topic, or operation. It helps companies identify known stakeholder and community sentiment, understand trends across time, detect viral and fake news, and track shareholder reactions. The results position companies to be strategically responsive to change, capitalizing on opportunities and identifying minor issues before they evolve into major events or crises.

sensusINSIGHT is an in-depth data collection and analysis platform that measures and monitors how communities feel about an organization at the local and regional level. It establishes a baseline and provides ongoing services to benchmark that data over time. A core output is the Social License to Operate Index (SOLOi), a relative score that represents a company’s ability to maintain efficient operations while avoiding community conflict.

valoremINSIGHT is a rigorous financial platform that works in alignment with an organization’s mission and business values to identify, optimize, execute, and track sustainability and CSR activities as an integrated portfolio of work, quantifying the ROI and positive impact of its investments. It helps attract capital through additional investment, yields cost-sharing and other efficiencies, and assists in developing lasting partnerships.

“Today’s globalized business environment requires a multitude of factors to be monitored, measured, and managed for ongoing success,” commented Jason Norman, Attego’s managing director. “In coordinating and directing so many projects worldwide, we see organizations across many different industries struggling with similar challenges and risks. Increased connectivity means increased demands from shareholders, communities, and other groups; companies seeking sustainable operations face the ever-present need to evolve. In part, that means new thinking and new tools that enable the achievement of business objectives. Our INSIGHT platform not only addresses this evolution, but also offers clients a simplified approach to reaching their goals. We want to turn down the noise generated by confusing or disconnected service offerings and the many other inherent complications associated with solving ESG challenges.”

Attego operates as a division of RTI International. Founded in 1958, RTI is one of the world’s leading research institutes, providing scientific and technical services in health, education and training, surveys and statistics, international development, economic and social policy, energy and the environment, technology and innovation, and other practice areas. With more than 5,000 staff working in more than 75 countries, RTI is dedicated to improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice, applying more than 250 scientific disciplines to solving the world’s most complex problems.

Attego draws upon these extensive resources and capabilities to provide solutions to meet the needs and demands of commercial clients and investors by improving the effectiveness of sustainability investments and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

For more information regarding Attego’s ESG INSIGHT platform, as well as the company’s broader ESG advisory services, visit