Corporate Communications

One of the biggest hurdles that companies struggle with is corporate communications. Not to be confused with marketing communications—your corporate voice is there to create the perceived reality of your organization. Whether it be through PR, interviews and and media briefings, events, trade shows, and more—you need to be front and center of the business universe at all times.

At EyeVero, we take corporate communications very seriously—after all, we have a team of communications professionals all hailing from Fortune 50 companies.

When we write your corporate materials, we don’t just use the inverted pyramid technique of journalism or the formal techniques of corporations, we use behavioral science methodology that deliver strategies to create copy that sells.

Whether you require corporate writing that unifies your company’s communications, marketing copy writing that stirs the emotions, or web copy writing that is easily scanned, simple and interactive, we can write it. We can create copy from scratch, we can work on existing content, or we can rewrite.

Taking The Global Approach

Do you know the difference between Canadian, U.S., and U.K. punctuation, grammar and style? We can help you whether it’s editing Canadian English, American or British. We can communicate with clarity and correctness and with the right tone and style.

Have you ever discovered, when it’s too late, a misplaced comma or a spelling error? You’re too busy to focus on in-depth proofreading. As well, although you have the knowledge to put the words on paper, you don’t have the knowledge of grammar, punctuation and writing techniques that are required to edit and polish what you’ve written.